Sunday, August 14, 2022

TMI: Rapper Kevin Gates Says He’s Sexing Cousin and Won’t Stop! (Video)

kevin gates

*Lord have mercy.

What kind of ish do we have we here?!

If this doesn’t fall into the TMI or the “we didn’t need to know that” categories, we have no  idea  what does.

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates blew the minds of 1.3 million Instagram followers today when he announced that he’s having sexual relations with his … cousin!

In the Instagram videos, Gates reveals that he’s been sleeping with the woman for 3 months and recently found out he was related to her.

Gates was made aware of the pair’s family ties from his grandmother.

“I’m not about to stop,” Gates declared.

Naturally a torrent of response hit the rapper, but Gates is standing his ground; he says you’d do the same thing if you was in his situation.

“Why f*** up a good thing?” Gates asked his followers.

Yeah, if you was Kevin Gates, would you f*** up a good thing?”

You can watch the VERY NSFW Instagram posts below:

A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on

A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on



  1. I understand the situation if u JUST DONT KNOW. When u find out.. you stop right then!!!! At that point it shoul become sickening and u look at the person differently!!!!!!!

  2. Disgusting, that’s what happens when babies are produced and the family ties are unknown, numerous women having babies by the same man at the same time and thinking that it’s ok
    for them not to know who their fathers are so sad.

  3. You have the right to remain silent…
    Everything you say and do will be used against you. ..most likely… make a profit for someone else……..go take a seat or two…such blatant disrespect

  4. he’s straight outta the land of debauchery … and looks like an inbred … hope they find Jesus before too late …

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