Saturday, September 25, 2021

Shonda Rhimes Displays Love/Hate Reaction to Receiving DGA Diversity Award

shonda-rhimes*When it comes to receiving awards for her work, Shonda Rhimes has no problem.

However, the “Scandal” creator was in a different mood when she and the show’s executive producer Betsy Beers received the Diversity Award Saturday at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) Awards, the New York Times reports.

Upon receiving the honor, Rhimes took time to express her mixed feelings about the award as well as the need for a diversity award.

“When I heard I was getting an award I was really, truly, profoundly honored,” she said while recalling a discussion on the Diversity Award. “I began to get calls from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, etc., and I was asked to comment on the award. Asked how good I felt about the award. Asked if it made me feel like I was doing the right thing. Asked if it had been a struggle making diversity happen on my cast and crews. While I’m still really and truly profoundly honored to receive this award, but I was also a little pissed off. So was Betsy. So over many, many, many bottles of wine we discussed this.”

“Betsy and I are being applauded and given an award for something that we should all be doing,” Rimes continued while touching on the diverse cast and crew she has for “Scandal.” “There shouldn’t need to be an award!”

Towards the end of her speech, Rhimes acknowledged the honor in being recognized by the DGA.

“Betsy and I are truly honored and humbled that the DGA would thank our efforts. We’re also proud that the DGA recognizes a problem and are trying to fix it,” she said before concluding her speech with a call to action for her peers. “Diversity is not an effort or an initiative. Don’t have summits or meetings. Just start hiring people.”



  1. so she gets a booby prize for loving up Da Gay Agenda – good for her … she needs Jesus for wallowing in all that homosexual crap … had to put the ban on shondaland …


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