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‘Straight Outta Compton’ Actor Kofi Siriboe on Capturing the Era of NWA

kofi sirobe

*Actor/model Kofi Siriboe is currently a regular on MTV’s popular scripted comedy “Awkward,” and is riding high off the success of the independent film “Whiplash,” which has garnered Oscar buzz.

As fans wait in anticipation for the August, 2015 release of the NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” Siriboe spoke with associate Tanisha Quilter-Williams about his role in the iconic movie and his burgeoning career.

After leaving a lasting impression on director F. Gary Gray, Siriboe landed a role as one of Ice Cube’s friends on the block that gives him a hard way to go.

“F. Gary Gray really wanted me to be in this film. I was so excited about that,” Siriboe gushes. “It was dope to be part of the process. The ambiance on set and the fact it is a period piece. You could feel the energy anytime you stepped on location.”

Watching and working alongside a team that included Gray, Matt Alvarez, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre it was a definite plus in Siriboe’s book, knowing how they have paved the way and actually lived this era made it much cooler to be part of their vision.

“They were very specific and knew what they wanted,” Siriboe shared. “I only know Dr. Dre the billionaire. He was completely down to earth and part of the process and very collaborative.”

Siriboe and his two older brothers were discovered at the mall. Growing up, Siriboe was super introverted and being the middle child he found himself retreating from being overly competitive.

“I kind of liked being in my own head space and I feel like that kind of got me where I am. I always had the time and ability of knowing who I am,” Siriboe pauses for a moment and continues. “Because of my career I have had to learn to be a lot more extroverted, personable and social. I’m a chameleon to my environment.”

kofi sirobe


Although show business can be a fascinating and entertaining career, Siriboe knows the grind never stops.

“It’s one of those things where you feel like once I do this, I’ll do this. Once I work with this person, then this will happen. I still have to hustle; nothing has changed. You always have to be thinking about your next project“

Siriboe just returned from Oakland after working on a new independent film called “Kicks.

”It’s based on a couple of kids and their journey. One of them get their kicks stolen by me; I play Flaco the villain,” says Siriboe. “The movie is well written and directed by Justin Tippings. There are great actors in this film.”

Siriboe credits his family, great friends and God for keeping him grounded. For anyone that is embarking on pursuing a career in the entertainment business, Siriboe advises this:

“Be persistent in the craft. Allow that to be your confidence. Not looking to be validated by someone else completely. If you make sure you’re a great at whatever you do, people cannot notice.”

Lookout for Kofi Siriboe in the movie KICKS and follow him on Facebook.

Interview and article by Tanisha Quilter-Williams, freelance writer/journalist, screenwriter, social media strategist and author. Follow her on Twitter @renaissancwoman

Below, Ice Cube debuts “Straight Outta Compton” trailer in Australia:

(‘Straight Outta Compton’ Actor Kofi Siriboe on Capturing the Era of NWA)




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