Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Luda’s Baby Mama: Marriage was a Cheap Ploy to Win Custody of 1-Yr-Old

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*Ever since we heard Ludacris and longtime girlfriend Eudoxie got married on the spur of the moment over the Holidays, we’ve been waiting for this shoe to drop.

You see, the rapper/actor’s hastily arranged marriage is a cheap trick in his attempt to gain full custody of his daughter, according to a source close to his baby mama, Tamika Fuller.

Fuller, so says TMZ, thinks Luda wants to show the judge in their custody fight that he now has a stable, loving household … more conducive to child-rearing than the home of single mom Tamika. She fears a Georgia judge could actually buy what Luda’s selling.

Tamika thinks the sudden marriage is all ploy.

In an upcoming court date between Ludacris and Tamika, later this month, Luda is set to ask for full custody of their 1-year-old daughter Cai. He claims he’s a better parent and has the means to provide her with a better life.

Not surprisingly, Tamika thinks it’s a crass ploy to avoid paying $7,000 a month in child support.



  1. Is it just me…or does the sight of Ludacris make you sick.. My spirit twist into knots whenever I hear anything about him…when I see him I want to vomit. He started his rap career disrespecting women, which has elevated him to some degree. He still disrespects women through his actions, but now he tries to be a man of honor. Accepting awards, trying to be inspirational…which theres is nothing wrong with that…if infact its true. But he got another women pregnant, and is using a marriage to another women to disrespect the mother of his child. He is a Loser with a capital L. He uses women for his own benefit…drop dead you non paying child support dead beat

      • Mel shut up….this is my personal opinion. Everybody is giving this fool a break and coming down hard on the babies mother. But this fool also engaged in sexual activity to produce a baby…it takes 2. We don’t know what he said to get what he wanted from his babies mother…hes proven to be a manipulator…. Ludacris disrespects women…and hes got the perfect dummy standing right next to him. She gave up her career to be with him…he makes a baby outside their relationship…the common denominator is Ludacris again hes a LOSER!!!

    • Everytime you see him you want to vomit? So as you were reading this, I hope you had a bucket nearby. You are taking this way too personally. You, me, nor anyone else knows what is going on between Luda, his wife, and the mother of his child, therefore, everything you read can be taken with a grain of salt. Embellishment sells, and apparently whoever was selling it saw you coming from a mile away. Now, go rinse your mouth out, and take something for that upset stomach. By the way, the suggestion that Luda drop dead most likely wouldn’t phase him. You have a good day now!

  2. The baby’s mom may have a point!

    Luda proposed… she said yes… he gave her a dress to wear for an instant wedding that his mother picked out!

    The dress part makes me feel some sort of way!

    The dress kind of looked like a nice travel dress that wrinkles very little.
    Easy for lounging around in!

    Most women want to choose their wedding dress!

  3. Who is the better parent? A woman who is possibly using her baby as a meal ticket or a man that irresponsibly hit it and now he can’t quit it. I’d rather see him get the baby, at least he has income and he will work. Whereas this woman has a history of laying up with ballers and entertainers, sounds like her occupation is on her back. Everyone knows the game and life is not fair. You can’t come out clean, When you play dirty.

    • Hey?, you dare to apply objectivity, logic, fair & honest/equal gender assessment to this?? Oh….”I liiiiiiiiiike youuuuuuuu, VERY muuuuuuuch”!!!!! (said like one of the “Duke Bros.” in “Trading Places”!) Wink! >

  4. I think Luda and Eudoxie truly love each other and want to be together. I really don’t think their marriage is a ploy to stick it to Tameka…directly anyway. BUT if I were Tameka I would play it smart in this situation and not come off as a bitter babymama spewing sour grapes. You don’t want a judge viewing you as crazy and unfit (a la Pilar Sanders) and you darn sure don’t want Eudoxie raising your “break baby”.

  5. Just being real… A lot of people spend time plotting how to get money and materials that don’t belong to them or that they never worked for. I don’t care what anyone says, a baby is not a paycheck. Both acted irresponsibly. Why does any man why lie down unprotected and then scramble to cover up the mess? On the hand, why do some women appear to get very fertile when rich guys are in the picture. Just saying…


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