Thursday, September 29, 2022

Cosby Jokes to Woman: ‘Be Careful About Drinking Around Me’

bill cosby

*Either Bill Cosby has a big pair or he likes playing with fire. Or maybe he’s just being … Bill.

OK, what we’re talking about if you haven’t heard is that on Thursday evening Cosby, who’s under scrutiny for allegedly drugging and taking sexual liberties with women decades ago, went for it and made a funny quip that alluded to his predicament during the second of three shows in Canada.

Dude was on stage doing his shtick when he cracked a joke to a woman, warning her that she should be careful about drinking near him, according to the Associated Press.

More specifically, the incident occurred in an off-the-cuff moment when a woman got up near the stage and started making her way past him when he asked where she was going. She explained that she was heading to the lobby to get a drink.

Uh oh, that’s when he came with the comical crack:

“You have to be careful about drinking around me,” the comedian said. His joke was met with enthusiastic applause.

Well, like they say, you have to give the devil credit for living in Hell, so you have to give Cosby props for making fun of his own very serious situation.

As EUR has previously reported, the funny man has been accused by 29 women of sexual assault. Many of their allegations include stories of the comedian drugging them via a drink before assaulting them. Even though he hasn’t publicly rebutted the charges, Cosby has maintained his innocence through his lawyer, and recently both his TV daughter (Keshia Knight Pulliam) and TV wife (Phylicia Rashad) have vouched for him.



  1. Wooooooooooooow! So….its a “joke” now?? Well women, feminist groups & Gloria Alredd are gonna “luuuuuuuuv this one”!!! SMDHATGIMF!

  2. It’s called self-depravation humor… Like irony… As in dry humor…

    For example: “If you listen to some women, they’ll have you believing no one should have a drink around me [Cosby]. But, we all know that’s not true, right?”

    For my taste though, I would not have conveyed that joke. But hey, that’s just me.

    Richard Pryor and many others engaged in self depravation humor. Richard used to self flagellate regarding his obsession with smoking cocaine, among other subjects to great affect.

    Cosby is a big boy, and it is obvious that he is confident in his innocence. So much so, that he’s making light of the allegations against him.

    • Ok look…I’m quite aware of what “self depravation humor” is, ok?, buuuuut “that” ain’t what “this” is. “This” is….arrogance, insensitivity, denial, deflection & most of all….”disrespect”! See….if he had even “murmured”!!! “I’m innocent”?, there prolly wouldn’t be ANY nay sayers etc… But still to this second?, he HASN’T SAID IT. And so….to me?, if you cain’t speak ‘on it?, then yo ass cain’t …”joke”ABOUT” it”!! And finding the time TO joke about it, but not make a statement in your own defense!!!??, merely reflects the arrogance he prolly had when ….he DID the shyt!!! So we see…after all these years, this ole lyin l”eopard” , ain’t cbaaaaaanged a damn ….”SPOT”!! But….call it what “you” will…”TETO”. Deuces.

    • thanks for the autocorrect; glad I didn’t have to do it – some would say that many women can’t be wrong; I say how can that many women not file charges, not giving a damn what’s at stake, and no, you don’t take hush money either … ask yourself what would a Richard Pryor or Andrew Dice Clay have said in that moment on stage under the same circumstances … wouldn’t have been that tame and you know it …

      • Yep….Aaaaaand? (At least “2”!/Smh!) will continue to overlook the “FACT” that maaaaaany filed charges & those charges were …”expunged” or he paid those accusers off, OR!???, “HE/BILL COSBY” (NOT “CLIFF HUXTABLE”!!!/SMHATSHI’s!) SETTLED OUT OF COURRRRRT”! And….”MJ” was believed to be guilty from only “2” fkn accusers, while “some” (winking at you two!) see “22” mofos against BC & STILL?….remain “blind”. Now THAT” shyt is truly amazing, “void of the ability to deal with reality”, but most of all?….(& yall “NON”kool-aid drankers” say it wit meh!??) hilaaaaaaariouuuuuuus! So oh BOY how I DO look forward to the next exciting episode of….”The MagNIFicent ..”FANCLUB”!!! Shyt g’on be cancelled soon so….”set your DVR’s now”!! FOH!

  3. You’re totally right nightshift. That was one giant typo on my part… My bad…

    And I hear you loud and clear rj. It is amazing isn’t it?

    Since when have white women been afraid of a black man? Especially if they raped them?

    Why would someone who claims to have been raped continue to “date” their rapist? Then claim rape decades later?

    Regarding “Sammy’s girl” why on earth would she drive Cosby to a party on a yacht after being raped, and be more disturbed by Cosby not speaking to her at the party than she was of being raped? This crap is not making sense…

    Sorry, but I still need to see SOME DAMN EVIDENCE. When that happens, and they go to court, we will see what happens.

    Until then, rant all you want, but so far the DA hasn’t budged, and no one has filed a bonafide civil compliant.

    Trust me, if Gloria Allred had ANYTHING, she would have “popped that thang” weeks ago when she paraded all of those women before the media… She goes for the jugular, and most of you know that. So please…

  4. I tell yuh….from Phylisia to “these two”, there has never been such a display of conformation, of the not so old adage of….”females CAN’T STAND!!!!…other females”, & all that gurl power, sisterhood, “feminist/unity” talk?, is juuuuuust “BS”, unless it’s against…a male. Bottom line?…with these “Cosby defenders”?, it’s more about being “anti -dem bytches”, than excepting the reality of the “off camera” person, that is the “real”…Bill Cosby”. Wah wah wah waaaaaah!

  5. It’s complaint, not compliant. . . . Nicky Jackson, I LOVE sparring with you and respectfully, it is a refreshing change to NOT dumb down to get a point across. I believe Bill did this but, with the hoards of “victims”, gets one to ponder, if these chicks weren’t substance abusers. I still do/will admire Mr Cosby. . . . He’s a freak. . . . And the ‘Oh poor little white girl ravaged the big ‘ol black man” is tired. They KNEW Bill’s balls would be in a sling but, were too scared to tell? You’re right Glo’ Allred, would have been BBQ’ing by now.

    • Yo Night….you can NEVer do “any”thang with an…”emotionally reactive female”. I didn’t even bother to correct them earlier, in lue of the argument “THAT” would’ve been, had “I” done so. But…keep yo “brown liquor near”, as you spare….”stay in that ring”. (said while watching yall from ovva hurr, as I send you aNOTHER drank, & you see me & raise it up in exceptance!) Lmao!

    • @ nightshift, I’m going to hire you as my assistant… I keep making these typos… I’ll tell you what, I will forward my comments to you for editing, first. 🙂

      Thanks for the catch, but I’m confident you get my subtle nuances… The point is, little boy “ain’t got no proof” to be so dogmatic regarding Cosby’s guilt.

      An opinion is one thing, being dogmatic about something he knows absolutely nothing about is ridiculous, and borderline litigious.

      After all, the comments posted on these threads are considered “publishing.” And unless one has endless paper, one should be very careful regarding what one scribes.

      And make no mistake about it, it only takes one good computer forensic expert to track one down. Next thing you know, one is being served papers for talking too much shit…

      So, you may want to look at it as if I’m doing little boy a favor, by telling him to watch his big mouth. He might end up writing some big ass checks to match that big ass mouth of his….

  6. Ps…& case in point no.2?..DAMN that BS against the “Becky’s”, but NUTHin to say against the “SISTAS”/Black women, who “have success/jobs” & ALSO have accused BC of…the saaaame daaaaaamn thaaaaaang! So…not only are these mofos hypocrites?, but blatant RACIST as well! “BOOM”! DaFOHWTBS!

    • Whachew talkin bout..Night? (said like “Gary Coleman”!) I was highlighting how that poster made a point of talkin about the Becky’s as if “they” were the only accusers, & therefore somehow makes those accusers…liars. But as I posted …some “SISTAS” have accused him as well, & “they/the other poster” had/has nothing to post about “that/them” & they are SUCCESSFUL/not in need of a check OR fame! And so….???

  7. Um… and who do you think “SAMMY’S GIRL” was dude?. You’re slipping.

    Sammy’s girl was the BLACK woman who was allegedly raped and took Cos to the “Yacht part” – remember? Last name McKee…

    I get the fact that we disagree, and that’s cool, but if you’re going to check me, at least be correct like nightshift was on my typo…

    And for the record, I’m NOT saying Cosby is innocent. I’m saying, and I will continue to say, SHOW US THE EVIDENCE… There is no getting around that fact. I don’t care how much you howl at the moon, little doggy.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure as hell know what it’s like to be falsely accused by a white woman who I disagreed with, or said “no” too (for whatever reason). And being told by a person in authority, “I don’t want to hear one word from you, because I’ve known “Becky” a long time, and she wouldn’t lie.” GTFOH QUICKLY MF! “Becky” and anyone else will lie given the right circumstances.

    So rant on dude… It doesn’t mean anything until someone produces some TANGIBLE effing evidence to have Cosby’s ass locked up, or answering a civil complaint… Ya dig?

    Ghetto fabulous B.S doesn’t mean a damn thing in a court of law. If you don’t believe me, take your tired ass arguments into a court of law, and see what happens…

    Oh, and God-forbid if your black ass is falsely accused of anything, by anyone… I’ll bet you’ll demand some evidence then… Duces…

    • As I’ve already stated…hilaaaaaarious. SSMGDHAPATCSMF! Sigh. (pause!) Why you….blind twisted emotional fkn WRECK! WTF does what you posted, have to do with WTF “I” posted!!?? HTH does it address the issues I raised!!?? Question….did YOU say SHYT about “Sammy’s girl ” “BEFORE” “I” highlighted your bigotry!!?? Haaaaayiiiiiiil naaaaaaw! And neither ONE of yo “superhero FANCLUB members”, said a damn thang against the “Black” women, who have accused BC, & you DAMN WELL KNOW IT! So…you can haul a fkn “truck load of others” “now”…AFTER yo shyt has been exposed?, but it doesn’t erase…your actions/lack of objectivity/BS bigotry…BEFORE! Now…”I” realize your vicarious bitterness, weakness, need of some fkn “meds”/unstable disposition n all?, but..if you EVVA respond to one of “my” posts in the future?, “sober up/”take yo shyt”/put ‘on yo fkn specs, read & understaaaaand the fkn “subject OF” my shyt, & theeeeeeeen….”respond to “that”, & keep this BS diversion & denial off my fkn porch, aaaaaaahiiiiiiiiiIGHT!!??? And if you can’t “do that “eeeeithah”!??? simply …”K.I.M.” For I am “eternally”!!!!…::”allergic to BS”! “Deuces”. Hashtag?…”next time you see me having a “grown folk’s” convo?, recognize & STFU….”lil “Luuuuucy”.

  8. It is obvious that you can’t read son, or you would have noticed that I totally responded to the black woman accusing Cosby wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before you put your counterfeit accusation of me being biased against white women on line…

    Your sh-t is extremely weak in terms of real evidence and you know it. 🙂

    So rant all you want. Your attacks are silly smoke screens to assuage your ego.

    When are you going to get it through your narcissistic head that a court of law requires evidence?

    You can try to fake the funk all you want, but your sh-t is too shallow son… Where’s your evidence of a crime? Please feel free to present it at any time… You won’t because you can’t… Now address that fool…

    All you have is cute B.S. that tickles people’s eyes and ears…

    No facts. No evidence. Just a very big mouth that spews a bunch of ignorant innuendo against someone you know nothing about.

    In my book, your B.S. rants are nothing but mental masturbation…

  9. Yarnnn because you don’t have an answer to the relevant question…

    Present your evidence chump, or shut the hell up… Making all that noise trying to psyche people into thinking you’re saying something when you ain’t saying shit. GTFOH with that B.S.

    • Oh and…..g’on n have that “last word” shyt…”my allergies” as I mentioned earlier. Now …post yo BS, & you g’on out thurr & have a GOOD evenin, yuh heeah!!

  10. Spoken just like the fraud that you are… Pretending to be relevant…

    Sorry to pull your covers little boy, but you talk a lot of shit with nothing to back up your big mouth.

    I will debate fools like you all day, everyday, because all you do is talk out the side of your neck.

    Until EUR cuts me off, my question to your big mouth will continue to be, show everyone on this thread the evidence that you possess that proves conclusively, Bill Cosby committed the acts you’re accusing him of…

    Until you do that, it would be wise for you to shut your big stupid mouth…

    I got your meds. freak… You got any evidence to back up your bullshit accusations?

  11. As …”predicted”. Sigh. And “I’m” the “masturbator”!?? Just LOOK at this dizzy B after all this time, STiLL ovva thurr “concentrating & rubbin hard” & that “monkey” STILL….won’t “shine” SMHLATSB!! Justa …”lonely & DRY” muthafkah. Tisk, tisk tiiiiiiisk! Ehh well, a toast to ….”solitaire”. (as I hear her blastin that old “KC/B.Womack” remake in the background of that empty cave she resides in!) Wah wah wah waaaaaah. Hilaaaaaarious & yuh just GOTta luuuuuv it!!! (Walkin out the room, turnin all the lights out SLMFHOATB!)

  12. No evidence, or proof on this serious subject, so you front, just like the class clown that you are.

    Trying to cover your B.S. with ghetto humor is not going to work. Quit while you’re behind, fool.

    Everyone can see that you are nothing but a big mouthed fraud that likes to talk big shit.

    Like JB said, “You’re Just Talking Loud, and Ain’t Sayin’ Nothing…”

    All you have is a big mouth, little boy. On this particular topic, you are just as bad as those
    toothless hillbillies that show up on this site to harass black folks with their nonsense.

    Present your evidence, or shut the hell up, idiot.

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