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Keshia Knight Pulliam on Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Allegations: ‘That’s Just Not the Man I Know’

keshia- knight pulliam-bill-cosby*It’s been some time since Kesha Knight Pulliam has spoken to her former TV dad Bill Cosby, but the comedian ended up being the subject of choice Monday during Pulliam’s appearance on the “Today” show.

The 35-year-old former child star weighed in on recent sexual assault and drugging allegations made against Cosby by various women while stopping by the show after being fired on “Celebrity Apprentice.

“What I can say is this: I wasn’t there. No one was there except for the two people who know exactly what happened. All I can speak to is the man that I know and love,” Pulliam said while acknowledging the TV icon’s accomplishments on and off the small screen.

“The fact that he’s been such an example, you can’t take away from the great that he has done. You know, the amount…the millions and millions of dollars that he has given back to colleges and education, and just what he did with The Cosby Show and how groundbreaking that was.”

“Ultimately, they’re just that, allegations, she continued. “You know, it’s very much been played out in the court of public opinion. But we’re still in America, where ultimately you’re innocent until proven guilty. I wasn’t there. That’s just not the man I know. So I can’t speak to it.”

Pulliam’s appearance on the “Today” show comes after her “Celebrity Apprentice” firing Sunday night, which occurred after she chose not to call Cosby to raise money for her charity, Kamp Kizzy. Contrary to what’s seen on “The Cosby Show,” Pulliam and Cosby are not as close as their TV counterparts. As a result, the actress felt it wasn’t wise to reconnect under less than genuine circumstances.

“I know ‘The Cosby Show’ is in reruns, and everyone thinks that we’re this family that has dinner every Friday night,” Pulliam said.

“But the reality was I hadn’t spoken to Mr. Cosby. I felt that it would be tactless, very rude to call someone and be like, ‘Hey, so, let me have some money right now.'”

To see Pulliam discuss “Celebrity Apprentice” and Cosby with Wendy Williams, check out the video below:



  1. I’m so glad Keshia maintained her integrity on every topic cited. She has grown up to be a very well educated, poised, and classy young lady, and I respect her to the max.

    The brother dating her should hurry up and put a ring on it. She has brains, integrity, beauty, and charm; what more could a brother want?

    Go Rudy, baby! (I couldn’t resist.) 🙂

  2. Yo….of COURRRRRRSE this wasn’t the man you knew, you were only “4 yrs old” when you started the show, & he likes them?….”a lil older”!!! Sigh. Look….this is merely some late ass attempt at “damage control”,?, for a guilty ass man, that has fkd UP her residual/royalty checks!!!, and now will prolly get a check from “him”, for saying this shyt. “Integrity” my ass, STBS!

  3. Good girl Keisha! Your decision was very wise.

    @ my boy Taurusingr – I believe she’s genuine. She’s merely saying that she only knows good things about him. To your point, she started the show at 4 or 5 and went to about 14, she honestly doesn’t know the person that is being accused outside of a professional relationship. She’s not saying he didn’t do it, she’s just saying that she was never aware of that side of him. Debbie Allen said the same thing. They’re not necessarily in his corner, they’re just saying they’ve never been exposed to the man who could have done what he is accused. They’re not exonerating him. There’s a difference.

    • Hey…you!….HNY! :-)! Ok….I know she may be “sincere” n all?, but what I’m sayin is?….after all this time, to come out only “now” to “state the obvious”!???, there’s also prolly a “check” involved! Her statement can also be read aNOTHER way….”I wasn’t “there” (wherever!) when it happened”. So to simply state “you were not aware of his “other side”?, is no revelation, it’s pretty much an assumed given. And to me?, again!….”the tiiiiiiming” says more than her “sincere statement”. And btw?, remember!, just the other day, there was a story on her being “fired” for not speaking out in BC’s defense. “Seeeeeee”!?? I mean ….we can’t “cherry pick” what we’re gonna take as “fact ‘on this site, simply b/c we don’t wanna except ….”the other side”. Wah wah wah waaaaaah!

    • I mean…..we “can”?, but shouuuuuuuld we??? And I KNOW “you” ain’t afraid of the truth, like some uuuuuuthahs are. Wink!

  4. Exactly right Pleasant1… There is a difference.

    And I would NOT call a colleague after not speaking them to for five years, to ask them for any money, either. Charity or not, that’s not cool… and as far as I’m concerned that shows a lot of class.

    Like baby said, she doesn’t have to sell her soul for fame or anything else, to please anyone else. That’s what I call INTEGRITY… Ya dig? Sho nuff!

    Go Rudy, baby!

  5. The bottom line here is? Keisha Phylisia Malcolm anyONE of his former cast?….”they TOO” l!! only knew…”Cliff Huxtable”/the Bill Cosby THEY “WORKED” WITH! And so, no matter how many “now suddenly wanna speak up?, NOTHin says more or “speaks louder” than …Bill Cosby STILL TO THIS DAY “NOT” SAYING …HE IS “INNOCENT”!!! Yo…this an’t “Santa” so…I don’t know why so many are “still believing” in his innocence when even HE DOESN’T! But kinda think of it?, “Santa” ain’t “real” eeeeithah! Both “22” fkn victims, all saying the saaaame damn thang, happened the saaaame damn waaaaay???, is “real” lika MUTHa!!!! “BOOM”! But… to all I say…::”MERRY NEW YEAR”!!! (said like an African fkn up the greeting!)

  6. In my Jerry Maguire voice, “Show me the evidence!”

    This is a very serious matter, and I’m not trying to be flip but, an accusation in a court of law is NOT evidence. You absolutely must present credible evidence in order to have someone arrested, and convicted in a court of law.

    God forbid any one of us be accused of anything, and be deemed “guilty until proven innocent.”

    History is chock full of white women who have falsely accused black men of rape. How many “black sections” of town were destroyed behind those accusations?

    To speculate on Cosby’s guilt or innocence is a bunch of hot air that means nothing. It’s just speculation… And in a court of law an objection to speculation will be “sustained.” Then the judge will tell the speculating attorney to “move on.” Catch my subtle nuances….?

  7. Taurusingr – she didn’t come out in his favor. The only reason this story exists now is because she was fired for not tapping him for a donation. If that wasn’t on the table, she probably wouldn’t have said anything about the allegations. We just saw her being fired this week. Now, the media blitz is on because of the nature of the firing and the fact that he is accused. They’re jumping at the chance to get a Cosby kid opinion because she’s current at the moment.

  8. She wasn’t fired for coming out in his favor. The show was taped well before the allegations. She was fired because she wisely didnt hit him up for a donation. I mean how would we react if someone we hadn’t spoken to in five years called and said, hey I need x amount of money for a charity in order for me to win a game?

  9. And so…did she say this statement or…not!?See…here’s what it is…..her saying ANYthang but “yes, he diiiiiiiid it, he’s guilty, yada yada yada?, is a “favorable” statement in “his” favor. So….if she wasn’t down with “implyin he’s innocent”?, she wouldn’t have said aaaaaanythaaaaang. And then “the media” would have aaaaanythaaaaaang to “tryyyyyyy” to bend….any kind of waaaaaay! And the same goes for Phyllcia or anyone ELSE “suddenly” finding themselves behind a mic, with something to say about….the matter. It’s like….”pleading the 5th”….if you’re innocent WTH “WOULDN’T” you saaaaaay you arrrrrrre, WTH WOULDN’T yo frieeeeens n nem say it TOO!?? And WTH WOULDN’T they remain silent, knowing damn well ….they ain’t “planting a flag/revealing ANY reason to discard these allegations!!?? I mean…sheeeeeit, WE ALL could get in that looooooong ass line of ppl sayin…..”WE DI’ENT KNOW”!! And….these ppl know what’s up, regardless of “why” a mic is pointed at them, when they’re interviewed etc…., & STILL “after all this tiiiiiiime”….they came out… say?…..”NOTHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin” trying to “make it”…..somethiiiiiiiiiin. They know “they don’t know”, & all they “DO” know is?,……they didn’t know his “other side”/it went down….back in the day! And for those who still wanna “believe” in Cliff “Santa Claus” Huxtable”?, answer me dis one heeah…..”WTH did Cosby “SETTLE” NOT FIGHT that case in….”2005/6″!!??? See?….when I ask dat one dare?, all I hear is that “cricket choir” saaaaangin aNOTHER one! So umm sorry but there IS no reason for that season, they waited to see if they would look like fools speakin too soon & now?, “think” the worst of the storm has hit already & so…”now” they have a damn “POV”. And I call “that”? lyyyyyyyin & trying to help out in the “4th quarter”….”exaaaaaaactly”!! “BOOM”! But aaaaanyway……

  10. I’m sayin….if they’re soooooooo sure he “isn’t” guilty?, then why did they wait so late to “state”!?? Why not “call lem ALL” & have a cast/group statement, out right “supporting” BC!!??, damn these “innuendoes” of innocence”!! (See?, dare dem damn “crickets” go again!!/Lmao!) And the difference in BC vs MJ is?….after all those years of kids going to Neverland n shyt?, he had only “2” accusers, & mofos LOST THEIR DAMN MIIIIIIIIIIIINDS!!!, immediately believing he was guilty, & doubly so, when “he” settled. Meanwhile?…”BC has “22” mofos pointing at/accusing him!!!!, “HE ALSO “SETTLED” “ONE” of his many cases, & “some” ppl are STILL… “grabbin dey Raybans & doing the “Stevie Wonder”/lookin up, “swangin dey heads from side to side” etc…! I’m jus sayin?, at suuuuuum point as “adults”!!!!, we have to be able to “remain consistent”, & “separate our “desiiiiiires” from the “reality” of the situation, juuuuuuust a lil moe beddah! Juuuuuuusta thought. Wah waaaaaah.

  11. There are several plausible reasons for people choosing to settle a matter. Listed below are a few:

    1) The financial expense to employ a battery of attorneys, forensic experts (a plethora of medical, psychiatric, computer, audio and video, imaging, and a host of other forensic experts), paralegals, court reporters, video specialists to record deposition proceedings, private investigators, lay witnesses, evidence exhibits, deposition and mediation conference facilities, hotels, flights, ground transportation costs, per diems, catering services for the war room, mediation conference, after mediation conference (at various venues or cities), filing fees for motions, etc., etc. blah, blah, blah. None of these items are cheap by any stretch of the imagination….

    All of the aforementioned are required during the discovery phase of a civil matter. I haven’t, and won’t outline the exorbitant fees if the matter actually goes to trial. But please, use your imagination, because most of the parties outlined in item number one will probably have to show up to testify during trial… Again, that ain’t cheap.

    2) Avoiding verbal jousting that could give plaintiffs an advantage to “white mail” the defendant(s). Minimizing the negative publicity generated through salacious innuendo that the media would spin for ratings, because ratings equal dollars.

    The press will go to ridiculous lengths to run a story into the ground. If they could interview a flea, they would. That’s how far they are willing to go to keep a tabloid story going.

    3) Due to the incredible backlog of court cases, the Court itself has been known to put pressure on both sides to settle a matter [during civil litigation].

    These are just a few elementary reasons why people settle matters.

    Settling does NOT automatically mean one is guilty. Not even close. So don’t believe the ghetto hype about that at all.

    Going to trial is extremely costly. Therefore, settling can be the lesser of the financial evils.

    BTW, there are myriad embarrassing items that can be explored during the discovery phase that have absolutely no bearing on the matter at hand, which the press and the public would suck up like a drunk at an open bar. Who needs that?

    Opening one’s mouth to “satisfy” the public could lead a person to sink in quicksand in no time flat. Once you are on the record (public or otherwise) saying ANYTHING, you have just set yourself up to be cross-examined on that very thing you stated.

    It is totally irrelevant whether one wins in the court of public opinion. A criminally charged person, or one facing a civil complaint needs to win in a court of law – PERIOD.

    Thus far, Dr. Cosby hasn’t been charged with a crime (and to my knowledge no civil complaint has been lodged), so why are some people so obsessed with believing he, or anyone else associated with him has to say ANYTHING????

    In conclusion, just because someone chooses not to respond, or elects to remain quiet regarding an allegation, charge, topic, or post does NOT mean the person doesn’t have a response. It may simply mean they’ve exhausted their desire to respond, and they’re choosing to exercise their God-given right to remain quiet.

    Some folks should really try exercising those last two words more often…

  12. Wow! This is amazing… I gave a long detailed explanation relative to why “settling” a matter is NOT an admission of guilt, but I guess EUR decided to pull it.

    I didn’t curse or go in on anyone either, so I don’t get it. I’m going to give it another shot. Please cut me some slack EUR.

    People settle to avoid the long laundry list of expenses associated with pre-trial and trial preparation. Listed below are just a few:

    1) Attorneys, paralegals, private investigators, forensic experts (medical, psychiatric, computer, audio and video, and a host of other forensic examiners), court reporters, video specialists to record depositions, flight and ground transportation, endless depositions, mediation conference, after mediation conference, venues in different cities, war room catering, transcripts, filing fees, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah… None of these services are cheap, and the aforementioned is just during the discovery phase.

    2) To avoid being white mailed by a plaintiff.

    3) Limit salacious accusations that can be exploited by the media. The more you talk, the longer it stays in the spotlight.

    4) Due to voluminous trial backlogs, judges are known to put pressure on both parties to find a way to settle a matter.

    5) During discovery, opposing counsel has broad latitude to ask a defendant (and their witnesses) tough and embarrassing questions that have absolutely nothing to do with the case. In order to keep that confidential information from being leaked to the press, and exploited, one would opt to settle.

    6) Bad publicity (even if untrue) can ruin your family, and lucrative deals that may have been the works for years.

    Don’t let anyone convince you that settling is an admission of guilt, because it is NOT. In fact, that is not even close to being the primary reason why people elect to settle a matter.

    It is your right to settle, or keep your mouth shut.

    After Ferguson, MO we would do well to practice silence instead of revealing information for the adversary to create a counter narrative, or be cross-examined regarding your comments at a later date.

    Why help your enemy destroy you, when you can just shut up?

  13. I don’t think they are sure he’s innocent which is why they haven’t come right out and said I believe he did it. Keisha is just allowing for the unknown by not stating he’s innocent or guilt. Wise people wait for all the facts before they make a judgment. Even if the allegations seem insurmountable for that person, there’s always that chance that you were wrong. Then you’re sitting there looking like an a$$, because you made a decision without all the facts.

    • Yep! And THAT’s “MY” point! How silly & ludicrous it is, for people to be “soooooo supportive” even when “all arrows”/the lack of statements/action from “HIM” point to/dictate “guilt” more than ANY…innocence. And the “deviation from prior reasoning/ideology” is so telling, revealing, hypocritical & senseless, for some to …possess. BUT!??…..”to each their own”.

  14. Also, plenty of people settle because of the court of public opinion. Even when they didn’t do something because they don’t want their name and future dragged through the mud. Also, some people really feel that the lawyers know what they’re doing and if the lawyer advises it based on allllllll the scenarios that could happen – they settle it to avoid that. Doesn’t mean they’re guilty.

    • Truuuuuuue! No question! BUT…again?, look at how many people who conDEMNED “MJ” & others for doing the same thing?, are suddenly struck with a sense of….”sective amnesia, inconsistency & out right contradiction/hypocrisy”, as if pertains to…”Bill Cosby”, SIMply b/c?….”they liiiiiiked “Cliff Huxtable”. i.e….”denial”. But… of courrrrrrrse!!!, you’z still “MY” peeps, as well!! Look….agreeing to DISagree?, is one of “the” best signs of…intelligence & most importantly?….maturity. So…”we good”! :-)! I just want the disagreements to be based less ‘on our “personal desire”, & more ‘on…reality & facts. (Seriously “NOT” implying “your’s” isn’t, ok!??) At least “you” can admit/consider …the other side. While others?….nnnnnnnNOT so much. And their lack of consistency/”false fraternization”?..hilaaaaariious & “PRICEless”!! SMH! But again “KNOW this”!!!….you & me?, we gooooooood! :-)!

  15. Again, you are absolutely correct Pleasant1. Thank you.

    I wrote a serious outline regarding the reasons people settle (TWICE), but EUR is not posting them.

    Settling a matter is far from an admission of guilt, and anyone who thinks that it is an admission of guilt, well… never mind. Don’t let anyone convince you that settling a matter is an automatic admission of guilt. Okay?

    Another reason people settle is due to the fact that litigation is EXTREMELY expensive. I listed a variety of reasons, but like I said, a certain administrator won’t let me post them…

  16. In a lot of cases – it costs much more to take something to court in the long run than to just settle it and say get this out of my face.

  17. @Taurasingr – it is your perception that them not saying anything equates to them defending him or being supportive of him. Silence in this matter doe not equal agreement. And technically, they’re merely saying I don’t know that person which is profoundly stating that he could be guilty if you really look at it. Y’all excuse my typos. I see that there are many.

  18. @Nicholas, thank you for your painstaking analysis. Your assessment of the ins and outs of the legal system is much more involved than I initially suspected. You made excellent observations and I enjoyed the lively debate.

    @Tauru – you’re still my boy and you also made great points! We just disagree. I have just learned through a myriad of situations that most things are never as they seem. He could be guilt but I stay away from emphatic statements because none of us really know except him and the women accusing him. How can Iake a judgement when I was no where near the time or place. Hell I wasn’t even born when some of this was going on. I was born in the 70s though. Wink, wink. But who’s to say that the ladies didnt just plan this together to make it look legitimate. They know what that man is worth. So I’ll err on the side of caution and not make a judgment call on something that I have NO real knowledge of.


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