Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Madonna Apologizes for Using Controversial Images of Civil Rights Leaders

madonna-rebel-hearts*Madonna received backlash after posting pics of Nelson MandelaDr. Martin Luther King Jr. and even musician Bob Marley with black cords covering their faces.

She used Photoshopped images of the icons for promotion of her upcoming album, “Rebel Hearts.”

Nevertheless, she appears with the same black cords on her face for the album’s artwork. But she created controversy with the images.

She apologized on Facebook for offending anyone — commenting there was a misunderstanding about the message she was sharing.

“I’m sorry,” Madonna wrote in the post. “I’m not comparing myself to anyone. I’m admiring and acknowledging their Rebel Hearts.”

“This is neither a crime or an insult or racist!” she added. “I didn’t do it. My fans did. And I just re posted those photos.”

She concluded with, “my fans aren’t racist either. If they put me in the same category as these other people, thank you.  I’m very flattered and I hope one day to live up to 1/100th of what those people accomplished.”



  1. Why not pick White pioneers… oh Im sorry.. there arent any.. She needs to stay in her lane and stick with Caucasians images.. Stupid whites.. Hate blacks.. but always using black images!

  2. What..I cant..these are the days I wish I could scream I’m black and this insignificant shit not only doesn’t make me angry, but I think it’s artistic and a tribute to our leaders..oh by the way one pic was of John Lennon a white man..smfh..fucking media lumping me in with these ignorant mofos some who probably couldn’t tell you one thing about these leaders they so upset she used their puctures know if you mad about something , stop letting the media tell you what you angry about..Madonna is so not relevant in black community most probably wouldn’t know about these pics if media hadn’t stirred this bs up..smh

  3. I didn’t get the whole BS about it. It’s art!! The message was clear. Only extremely limited thinkers & racist baiters


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