Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ferguson Grand Jury Member Sues Prosecutor for ‘Mischaracterizing’ Process

Robert McCulloch

*A member of the grand jury that decided not to indict former Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown is suing the prosecuting attorney in St. Louis County, accusing Robert McCulloch of mischaracterizing the grand jury process.

The still-anonymous grand juror, referred to only as “Grand Juror Doe” in the lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, believes that his or her voice “could contribute to the current public dialogue concerning race relations” in the country, reports The Huffington Post. The grand juror believes that the Wilson case was handled much differently than the hundreds of other cases presented to the grand jury before the Wilson case.

“From Plaintiff’s perspective, the presentation of evidence to the grand jury investigating Wilson differed markedly and in significant ways from how evidence was presented in the hundreds of matters presented to the grand jury earlier in its term,” the lawsuit stated. The grand juror believes that the portrayal of the case in the media has not been accurate.

“In Plaintiff’s view, the current information available about the grand jurors’ views is not entirely accurate — especially the implication that all grand jurors believed that there was no support for any charges,” the lawsuit stated. “Moreover, the public characterization of the grand jurors’ view of witnesses and evidence does not accord with Plaintiff’s own.”

The ACLU said the “life-time gag order” against grand jurors in the case is not fair in the Wilson case because of the extraordinary publicity Brown’s death received and the strange way the case was presented.

“The Supreme Court has said that grand jury secrecy must be weighed against the juror’s First Amendment rights on a case-by-case basis,” ACLU of Missouri Legal Director Tony Rothert said in a statement. “The rules of secrecy must yield because this is a highly unusual circumstance. The First Amendment prevents the state from imposing a life-time gag order in cases where the prosecuting attorney has purported to be transparent.”



    • Yo lady….the fact that THEY LIED & SAID THEY “ACCIDENTLY LOST”/ OMITTED THE TESTIMONY OF THE “KEY”!!! WITNESS DORIAN JOHNSON, but ALLOWED THAT OF A FKN ….”LIAR”!!!!????, AUTOMATICALLY!!!!!, should not only cause a new grand jury, but a GD TRIAL AGAINST THE PROCECTOR AND HIM not only investigated for disbarment, but him also being…FIRED!!! Hell….there’s already enough data to support this!, and this man’s lawsuit?, should simply be the….”cherry ‘on top”. Let Us pray for some seriously needed justice!!!!! SSMHATBS!

    • But see….the sad thing is?….”LAWS WRITTEN BY CRIMINALS” are not desiiiiiiiiiigned for the benefit of the victim/to bring “justice”, but only for “the crook” to ….remain free. “BOOM”!

    • Hey lady….the fact that the prosecutor LIED & said they “ACCIDENTLY” LOST/OMITTED THE TESTIMONY OF THE “MAIN/”KEY”!!!! WITNESS “DORIAN JOHNSON”!!, BUT INCLUDED THE TESTIMONY OF A “RACIST LIAR” AS “CREDIBLE & “FACTUAL”!!!????, should not only get a new grand jury, but get that but bass BS artist prosecutor REMOVED FROM OFFICE AND his ass DISBARRED & CHARGED WITH OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!!! But see?, the sad thing is?…”LAWS WRITTEN “BY” CRIMINALS were created to benefit the “criminal”!!!, & not the…victim of the crime. “BOOM”! SSMHATBS!

  1. Look a grand jury indictment is a joke..when it comes to white crimes against blacks..the prosecutor for starters in this case was a former cop and came from a family of cops..and do you actually expect a former cop to present evidence to indict another cop whose white for murdering a black male who surrendered? It’s not going to happen. .the Klan is deep in this nation’s justice system..so until we vote in numbers during mid term elections. .and vote against these Klan politicians..whose only intention is to keep white privilege alive by any means necessary. .then nothing changes..business as usual..Whites murder blacks no conviction..nothing is different than the klan jim crow era other than the civil rights era which came later and the Republi-k-k-klans are trying to repeal those rights starting with repealing parts of the voting rights act of which were successful and how they were able to capture Congress at mid term elections… and as result this nation’s justice system only up the game in afri american faces..american black lives don’t matter..and finally the world is noticing how racist america is..america’s justice system is structure against none whites
    .and how whites who do crime are given a pass..time and time again..becuz of white privilege endorsed by klan lawyers, prosecutors and judges..it’s called white power..wake up black folks..stop looking for justice until we come out in numbers voting in every election held, cit, cty, district, state..etc., and stay in the streets protesting..come rain snow or sunshine. .keeping the momentum going..keeping the voices of those who perished due to an injustice prevailing. .

  2. Who’s who is right on point. I second everything that “Who” wrote.

    I will add the following; the black lawyers in every state must draft legislation, and motions to change the police policy and procedures in Amerikkka.

    The laws as they stand give rogue cops broad options to escape prosecution, and that is due to the police department policy and procedures.

    If the policy says, “An officer may beat a person until they submit,” and that person is severely injured or dies, it is highly unlikely that the officer will be brought up on charges.

    This is just one example as to why black lawyers must get involved in the struggle to save black lives…

  3. I actually saw two “Thurgoodettes” tonight on MSNBC (The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell).

    Two female attorneys (Christi Griffin, founder of the Ethics Project, and Sherrilyn Ifill, of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund) are taking up the mantle.

    They are filing ethics suits against Ferguson, MO DA Robert McCulloch. Among other thing, the suit also states how unconscionable it was to allow Sandra McElroy (an avowed white supremacist) to testify when the prosecutors office was well aware that McElroy had perjured herself.

    The goal is to get the grand jury decision not to indict [Wilson] set aside, and have an independent prosecutor to convene a new grand jury.

    This is not ideal, but at least these two women are trying to pursue a remedy to combat the fraud DA McCulloch perpetrated on the people of this nation.

    To get a comprehensive view of the outstanding interview with these heroines go to the following link:


      • My pleasure I said it.

        I’m glad you’re paying attention, because I’ve been saying the same thing that you are saying, “where are the Thurgood Marshall’s?” We really do need them.

        There are many brilliant black attorney’s in this nation, and we need them to step up! Without a legal remedy, we’re toast.


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