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Fantine Turns Out Debut Single ‘Reservation For Two’ Soul Remix With Producer Ted Smooth


*Fantine is an Electro-Soul singer/songwriter/performer with Jazz roots who has an unwavering sense of self and a determined attitude to match.

Fantine bursts into the scene with  “Reservation For Two”, her breathtaking single from her upcoming debut album “I Am Fantine,” produced by the legendary Emilio Estefan. “Reservation For Two” Soul Mix was co-produced by acclaimed producer Ted Smooth (whose credits include Beyoncé among others).

Her talent and musical style reflect her cultural diversity — a fusion of Indie and Electro Soul. Fantine is passionate about music and pours her creativity into the lyrics she writes, to build an emotional connection with her audience.  Fluent in Russian, Spanish, English, and French, Fantine resides in Miami, but was born in Moscow, during Russian glasnost to a Dominican mother and Russian father.  She grew up listening to traditional Russian church and folk music, along to contemporary tunes from her favorite artists, including Gloria Estefan and Whitney Houston.

In addition, these icons — Sade, Erykah Badu and Mariah Carey — influenced her greatly.   She recently performed several nights at New York City’s legendary Blue Note and performed the national anthem at the Miami Dolphins game.

Fantine is also featured on the upcoming film to be released Spring 2015, “A Change of Heart,” which is produced by Emilio Estefan and directed by Kenny Ortega. The film also stars Jim Belushi, Kathy Najimy and William Levy.


The song “Reservation For Two” was inspired by Emilio Estefan’s suggestion to create a song around the phrase “reservation for two.”  From that inspiration, we collaborated with Dania Perez and Javier Conde to create the song, which conveys the story about a mature relationship between two people and the conversation that occurs when they come to the end of the line. It’s about life, it’s about marriage and all its complexities, it’s a final cry for help.

“I have created music for years, and I am excited that my upcoming full-length release “I Am Fantine” finally encompasses the many facets of my personality and cultural background.  Working with Emilio Estefan on this project has been a blessing.  The album is soulful, yet alternative, with a Latin spin through several songs.  It is Electro Soul.  It is me.”-Fantine.

“Reservation For Two” Remix Video

“Every once in a while you have a chance to work with an artist that brings something new to the market.   Fantine was born in Russia and raised in Australia, her mother is from Dominican Republic.  She is bringing a new sound to the market with amazing talent.  I am fortunate to work with her and I know she is going to impact the industry in a way that people will remember her.  Fantine’s future is incredible.” –Emilio Estefan

“Reservation For Two” Original Version Available at iTunes:






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