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Timothy Bloom: Ain’t No Stoppin’ Him Now (Video)


*In physics, the kinetic energy of an object is the energy that it possesses due to its motion. Timothy Bloom is moving fast on a rainy day in New York City; he’s moving between interviews and performances, between expectations and realism and his energy moves through the bodies of those within an earshot of his music. His recent deluxe edition release of Timothy Bloom has set him in motion deeper into the consciousness of music lovers and towards his goals as an artist.

Like many artists before him, Timothy Bloom grew up in the church, playing drums and absorbing the rich texture of the gospel music he was surrounded in. However, it wasn’t long before he began sneaking into his parents’ car and surfing the radio dial to satisfy his musical jones. He landed on a Bob Dylan song and began his journey into the world of secular music. Fast forward a couple decades and he’s strumming his guitar, merging his influences and experiences into songs that not only tell his story, but the stories of those enthralled by how easily it all sounds coming from his mouth.

EURweb was able to slow him down long enough for a brief conversation to discuss his current album and future plans.

EURweb: Tell me a little about your background and how we’ve gotten to this point?

Timothy Bloom: Basically, I grew up in the church; my father is a pastor. I started playing the drums at eight and began right there in his church. There were very strict rules, one being, there was no secular music. I started to rebel, because I wanted to know why we couldn’t listen to certain types of music. I would sit in the car and listen to the radio, discovering other types of music. I was exposed to Bob Dylan, Hi-Five, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac and my love for music started to grow. Then, I started playing piano, learning by ear; picking up what my mom would play and what I heard on the radio. Next, I started with the guitar and dabbling in songwriting by writing love letters to girls, based on what I was hearing in all of these songs.

In high school I got the opportunity to fly to Germany and be part of a boy band named Intrigue, I was doing more production and songwriting in the time. When I returned to the states I landed in Los Angeles and a friend of mine who’s the son of (legendary Motown A&R) Mickey Stevenson set us up with a small studio. One day Smokey Robinson walked in and heard what we were doing, which led to me writing “My World” from his 1995 album of the same name.

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I’ve been signed to two major labels, Capitol Records and Interscope Records (through a partnership with Timbaland and Polow Da Don), but in between Ne-Yo caught wind of one of my songs and turned it into “Say It”, which led to a Grammy. Since my release from Interscope, I’ve been working on my craft and trying to perfect all of the music I have in me. On January 7th of this year, the little voice inside of me said “it’s time” and I released the self-titled Timothy Bloom album.

It’s been an amazing ride since; I’ve done SXSW, Herbie Hancock plays my dad in a video (“Stand in the Way (Of My Love”), I’ve been VH1 “Artist You Oughta Know” and I did eight shows during the CMJ Music Marathon. So, it’s been a lot and it’s still going. Things have been moving really, really fast.

EURweb: At what point did you decide that going the Indie route was best for you?

TB: The funny thing is I wasn’t thinking about it, I just did it. With all of the outlets emerging like Tunecore and social media, so it became one of those things that I was doing and then I thought, “Wait, I’m independent now”. I recently signed on with a distributor. With me, it’s just about doing it. If you’re going to do it, do it, and figure out the rest later. I’ve been building a great team, to really work on the business side, Thuy-an Julien (manager) is really great at working through all of those things.

EURweb: What has the response been like to the deluxe edition release to Timothy Bloom?

TB: The response has been amazing! The awareness around the music is being raised by different websites or blogs, people who purchased the original release have now gone back to buy this version as well. It’s been amazing, I haven’t heard of any bad reviews. It’s been awesome.

EURweb: What’s next for you?

TB: I’m back on the road, doing more promo shows, more videos, staying productive, being happy with the music and performing.

EURweb: Talk to me about how all of your influences have come together to create your signature sound?

TB: Obviously, growing up in gospel music there’s so much soul and that’s something I can’t run from. My dad tells me all the time, “If you’re going to do it, do it”. I remember being part of one conversation with Smokey Robinson and him saying something to the effect of making an impact every time you get on stage. Performing like it’s your last day on earth. Another influence is Jeff Buckley and his live performance is so free-spirited, so my guitar playing is my expression of me just being in my back house playing. I’m coming into my own as a performer, stopping mid-song to crack a joke or if I flub a word, bringing attention to that. Then, I’ve also written songs on stage and it’s all just a super-cool gift God has given me.

For more of those gifts God has blessed Timothy Bloom with, visit and follow his journey via social media by linking with his Facebook page ( and following him on Twitter (@timothybloom).

Here’s the latest from Timothy Bloom “Stand in the Way (of My Love)” featuring a cameo appearance from Herbie Handcock:

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