Monday, September 27, 2021

‘Move Ni**er Now!’ Written on Black Alabama Grandmother’s House (Watch)

move nigger now

Geez, is it 2015 or 1915?

Well down in Limestone County, Alabama it might as well be 1915 as far as some vandals are concerned after they smashed in windows and spray-painted “MOVE NIGGER NOW” on the garage of a black grandmother, according to WHNT.

The victim, Terry Turner, told the TV station that she and her granddaughter were in the back bedroom of her home Wednesday evening, New Year’s Eve, when she heard a series of crashes coming from the front of her house. Believing her home was being invaded, she grabbed her granddaughter and crawled out the bedroom window, then called 911.

When Limestone County sheriffs arrived, they found no one inside the home, as the crash that Turner heard was the sound of rocks being tossed through her windows. But they did find a message to the grandmother spray-painted on the garage — “MOVE NIGGER NOW.”

Interestingly, Turner says she was not surprised by what happened because for years she has endured people driving by her home and yelling racial slurs at her and her family. But Turner doesn’t have hate in her heart for whoever vandalized her home.

“I just don’t understand. I don’t know why. I guess because I’m black. But I’m not the only black person that lives out here.”

Turner may be setting herself up for another visit from the no-gooders; she also told TV station WAFF that she’s not going anywhere.

“This is my home,” she said. “I’m free to live wherever I want to live.”

Watch a report on the incident via WAFF below.


(‘Move Ni**er Now!’ Written on Black Alabama’s Grandmother’s House)



  1. It is so ridiculous that in 2015, hatred due to color is still an issue! Who in the he// told white people they’re better than anybody else?? Racism is a poison! It slowly kills mentally whomever injects it!!!!

  2. Sad how colored people try avoiding the hate among themselves by suggestively moving in white neighborhoods only to be greeted with more hate and resentment because you’re unwanted. More so on jobs, coloreds, hatefully, avoid each other to intermingle with whites who don’t want to associate with them. Solution?

    • TO Kbact Your comment is so silly and shows just how stupid you are a person of any color can move and go where ever they chose to your mind is still living in the past and your heart is full of hate

    • “coloreds, hatefully, avoid each other to intermingle with whites who don’t want to associate with them.”

      No bitch, we moving in because we can afford that neighborhood.
      You don’t like it, then move, cause we sure ain’t.

      As grandma said,
      “This is my home. I’m free to live wherever I want to live.”

    • That last time I checked, the word “Colored”, was used in the 40s, and50s. I believe you are still stuck in it. Free at last, thank God almighty we are free at Last! And the last time I checked all people regardless of their race, creed, we all still bleed “Red”. Time for you , to make a change

  3. some people’s sense of self-worth is so completely based on feeling that they are somehow better than someone else that they will stubbornly cling to erroneous notions of what it means to be better regardless of the truth

  4. You are one ignorant bigoted dumb ass bastard kbact. Since you are not equipped to say anything intelligent Shut the hell up.
    MpG you got it right about that jerk.

  5. I seriously doubt someone would damage their own house by breaking out windows and spray painting racial slurs. Who would do that, having to spend money for repairs and facing fraud charges for false reports come on Will Tolen be serious.

  6. To KBACT: My place in these United States is anywhere I choose for it to be. I move where I choose because I can afford where I choose. I mingle with people of all races because that is my right. I especially love my African American people because we are unique and truly the envy of the world. My voluptuous ass, lips, beautiful brown ageless skin, my kinky hair that can be styled in myriad ways, my swagger, my intelligence were all given free of charge. Where others pay for what I was given, I would consider myself chosen indeed. The so called experts that spend their time “analyzing” my people are laughable. You stand on the outside looking in on our lives salivating, longing for the African American experience. Since you can’t, you invent and you ultimately present your version of the African American; White caricatures of my people. I’m not insulted. I’m flattered. But you do know there’s nothing like the real thing. So my people, don’t get angered by these types of comments. Know your self-worth and what you know, pass it on to the next generation. My wish for 2015: Every African American woman, man, boy, and girl know who you are. Study your history and pass it on so that you will know when you read another KBACT comment or article, or hear a KBACT speak that this is nothing but fear masquerading as “expert knowledge”. Love to all my people!!!

  7. Will Tolen is either a white racist or stupid. Next, I would suggest that this woman put up surveillance and point it to the streets, as well as her house. Get some protection. You never know what these fools will do next. Do not let these idiots run you from your home. Years ago they would burn crosses on your lawn, and threaten bodily harm. Now days, it seems that everybody has a gun, and not just these racist KKK fools. So take care and be ready.

  8. Perhaps some of the black thugs who so cavalierly kill each other could declare a truce — patrol this woman’s neighborhood. They may be lucky enough to catch the cretins/cowards who vandalized her house – focus their anger on someone who deserves it instead of on each other!

  9. It’s funny how people say anything in their post but would never have the nuts to say the same thing to a real person. I would blown these racist idiots chest out their backs.

  10. So, what say you now Charles Barkley? You stand up for every white person who kills black people, claiming it was the black person’s fault.

    You claim race has NOTHING to do with anything. Well this happened in your home state. Are you going to condemn the sick white trash that pulled this frat boy prank, or what?

    And BTW Ms. Turner, Winfred had some excellent suggestions regarding video security, etc, and make sure your powder is dry so you can light some ignorant butts up if they come back. Stand your ground!


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