Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Eric Benet on Life After Halle Berry & Lasting Power of ‘Spend My Life With You’

eric-benet*Years after splitting from Halle Berry, Eric Benet still gets questions regarding the Oscar-winning actress.

And while inquiries are going to come, don’t expect Benet to make any earth-shattering statements. To hear him tell it, he hardly communicates with his ex.

“No we haven’t stayed in touch. I just keep moving forward and being happy,” the singer told

“You’re never able to take the players out of the story, but in anybody’s life, there are personal hurdles that’ll make you wonder ‘How did I get here?’” Benet said regarding the highly-publicized split with Berry. “One of the great things about that time was learning to shut out the noise … Realizing what’s important to me is my family, my daughter and my career. It was a way to learn how to shut everything and it doesn’t really matter what you think and I know what the truth is. I’ll keep moving forward.”

Staying true to his current mindstate, Benet has entered a new phase in his life with his current wife Manuela Testolini and position as the new CEO of Jordan House Records under Primary Wave/ BMG. Among the acts affiliated with the label are R&B vocalists Calvin Richardson and Goapele.

In addition to his personal and professional achievments, which include multiple Grammy nominations, Benet talked about his best known hit, “Spend My Life With You.” 2015 marks the 16th anniversary of the duet, which features Canadian songstress Tamia.

“Its a humbling experience to still have a song like that resonate for so long,” Benét expressed, adding that “Spend My Life With You’s” message of strong, honest, and genuine love fit Tamia’s vocal range perfectly. “To hear that it’s still played at weddings means the world to me.”



  1. I love me some Eric Benet. He is one of the very few actual R&B SINGERS out there and should be getting more recognition and air play than these publicity projects we hear on the radio.

  2. “Blah Blah” to Benet’s existentialist blather! He is a glaring example of the marriage monogamy myth. Had a beautiful — sexy — rich wife — yet he still cheated. Is there any hope for the plain Jane woman of average beauty to expect monogamy in marriage? Doubtful!

    • Umm….sorry bitter, vicarious “plain Jane” but…nnnnnnnNOPE, your emotional uninformed attack…..didn’t work! And those of Us who “are” informed?, will just continue to LOBAO at your denial, misdirection & self serving/revealing …detachment from reality. But still….”HNY”. Wah wah wah waaaaaah! 🙂


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