Thursday, May 19, 2022

Cleveland wants Outside Agency to Handle Tamir Rice Investigation


*(Via MSN News) – The city of Cleveland is hoping to hand over the investigation of a 12-year-old (Tamir Rice‘s)  fatal shooting by police to an outside agency, as well as future investigations of all deadly use-of-force cases.

Michael McGrath, the city’s safety director and its former police chief, has been in talks with Cuyahoga County officials for the sheriff’s office to handle the inquiry, city spokesman Dan Ball told the Northeast Ohio Media Group for a story Thursday (

“We would like a different, outside agency to handle all deadly use of force cases,” Ball said.

For now, Cleveland police investigators are collecting evidence and conducting interviews related to the Nov. 22 shooting of Tamir Rice. The boy was carrying an airsoft gun that shoots nonlethal plastic pellets when a rookie officer shot him at a Cleveland playground.

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  1. At this point, I’m not so sure that I would put much weight on this so-called “outside investigative agency.”

    I mean, it’s like the LA Sheriff’s department conducting an investigation of the LAPD. These folks are friends, and they attend the same social functions that people in the police culture attend.

    They’re trying to psych us out by giving the “appearance” of being objective, when they’re not. It’s still cops investigating cops. Especially in the same jurisdiction.

    The Ferguson, MO PD pulled that same B.S. by allowing the St. Louis County police to conduct the investigation of the Darren Wilson incident with Michael Brown.

    If they were really trying to be objective, a Federal investigation team would be more appropriate.

    All of this nonsense only lends more fuel to the pint that we need real OUTSIDE investigation agencies to investigate the police. I’m not talking about an agency from the “next county.” That’s crazy.

    Besides, didn’t this article state, “the Cleveland police investigators are collecting evidence, and conducting interviews” related to this incident?

    Judging by what we traditionally see when cops investigate cops, they usually circle the wagons and try to find ways to cover their butts from any criminal prosecution and civil litigation. And guess where that starts? During the evidence collection, and incident investigation process.

    Most people are well aware that a case is only as good as the discovery generated from the investigation. Therefore, if the process is contaminated, what can you expect in the end?

    I’m sorry, but I’m not feeling this at all…

    It seems like a pretentious farce to pacify us, and make us think they’re doing something above board and different, when in fact, they are not.

    It’s still local cops investigating local cops… Ya dig?

  2. Forget everything you know about this situation. You are a cop that gets a call about a black guy threatening people with a gun in the park. That is all you know. You see him as you approach and put your car between the suspect and people across the street. You yell “hands up” and the guy goes for something in his pants instead of putting hands up. You know this guy has a gun so you shoot because he is going to shoot at you it seems. Justifiable.

    911 operator did not transmit any information other than “guy with a gun pointing it at people in the park.” If Tamir had pointed his gun at me as I walked by I would have pulled my pistol and blown his brains all over that street. I would have been acquitted because he drew on me first. Why is it any different for the cop?

  3. “Beau” get the hell out of here with your false narrative bulls-it.

    The cops knew that gun wasn’t real, because no one in their right mind would be that stupid to pull right up to anyone with a gun. They could have been shot by a real bad guy with a real gun as they were pulling up. Pretending they didn’t know is just cop CYA crap.

    First of all cops are NOT trained to to do pull directly in front of anyone armed.

    Second, you’re giving the cop the benefit of the doubt by believing the cop yelled a warning to Rice.

    Third, you’re trying to make people believe there was no other way to handle this situation other than killing this kid, and that’s more bullls-it on your part.

    People like you watch way too much television, and your imaginations get the best of you. You are just another natural born killer who is prone to writing false narratives in order to justify your desire to kill someone (i.e. black people).

    Besides, the topic is about bringing in an “outside agency” to deal with this matter. So, instead of forgetting everything that I know about this case, I think I’ll just forget all of the nonsense that you cited…

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