Sunday, May 22, 2022

‘Black-ish’ Creator Checks Judd Apatow on his Bill Cosby Fixation


*Kenya Barris may not be among Bill Cosby’s supporters, but that hasn’t stopped the “Black-ish” creator from stepping up to check one of the legendary comedian’s biggest critics.

Taking to Twitter, Barris voiced his reaction to a series of tweets from film director Judd Apatow regarding recent sexual assault and drugging allegations made against Cosby by various women. The following is one of the tweets fired off against TV veteran last weekend.

[email protected] they should remake the Cosby show with scenes of Dr. Huxtable doing what Cosby has been doing. A perfect show for FX.” — Judd Apatow (@JuddApatow) December 28, 2014

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In his response, Barris made it known that he did not support Cosby as he called Apatow out for his “strangely obsessive” fixation on Cosby as well as being silent on other Black issues.

Where was ur #EricGarner #FergusonDecision #ICantBreathe #PakistanSchoolAttack #donaldsterling #3rdactoffunnypeople tweets?” tweeted Barris, who mentioned how he respects Apatow’s art, despite feeling the filmmaker is finding Cosby’s current struggles pleasurable.

It’s like ur getn some sick pleasure from watching a black man who meant so much for so many fall,” Barris tweeted.

While he goes on to criticize Apatow’s depiction of black people in his movies, Barris, concludes his Twitter correspondence on a positive note.

I’m sorry 2 use a public forum to say this to 1 of my idols but I think it’s important to take a moment 2 say ‘we get it, Judd‘” he tweeted. “Finally, i want 2 say that ur a genius, national treasure, maverick, & will probably now deservedly ruin my fledgling career.”

So what say you? Do you think Barris is on point with his criticism of Apatow or not. Weigh in below:




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