Thursday, September 29, 2022

Dionne Warwick Praises Ruben Studdard and Ziggy Marley Collabos; Reflects on Almost Working with Alicia Keys


*The list of collaborators for Dionne Warwick’s “Feels So Good” album is an eclectic mix of talent from various genres.

And with most projects, the unexpected is bound to occur. For Warwick, one of the surprises came in the form of Ruben Studdard, who personally selected her song “You Never Get to Heaven If You Break My Heart” as the one he wanted to sing with the revered vocalist.

“There was a couple of surprises along the way with selection of material. What comes immediately to mind was the duet with Ruben Studdard,” Warwick told EURweb. “That song was written ages before he was even born and for him to come with that being his favorite song ….of course he had said he heard it several times in his home since his parents had played the song and it grew on him and he never forgot it. So that was the song he chose.”

Overall, Warwick confessed that “it was a bunch of fun,” duetting with Studdard, Mya, Cyndi Lauper and Ne-Yo as well as Billy Ray Cyrus, Gladys Knight, CeeLo Green, and Ziggy Marley.

“I had a great time and apparently they did too,” she said while sharing her thoughts on Marley’s interpretation of her hit “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.”

“Ziggy always loved “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.”…And it was natural for him to take it to reggae, being that’s his upbringing and his musical choice,” Warwick said. “And it really came out very well. He put the reggae touch on it and I happen to love it.”

The chance to experience each artist’s version of her songs marked an enjoyable time for Warwick. And while the stars lined up for her to work with Marley, Studdard and others on “Feels So Good ,” the singer admitted that the inclusion of a certain piano-playing hitmaker was not meant to be at this time.

Alicia Keys was one of the artists we wanted on the CD but unfortunately our schedules just did not coordinate,” revealed Warwick, who didn’t rule out the notion of working with Keys in the future.

“I never say never. You just don’t know,” she said. “We all have schedules that we have and we have to adhere to it. So if the possibility arises again, I’m certain that we can do that. She was willing to be a part of the project. It was just a case of our schedules didn’t mesh.”

“Feels So Good” is available now.




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