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Kamala Harris’ Presidental Campaign is Written in the Stars?

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*According to Cosmopolitan magazine, Senator Kamala Harris’ campaigning to be the Democratic nominee in the 2020 presidential election is “literally” her destiny.

The publication plugged Harris’ birth details into a birth chart to better understand her beliefs, motivations and ambitions.

Here’s what Cosmo concluded:

As a Libra Sun, Kamala is committed to justice, fairness, and equality. This zodiac sign is literally represented by the same scales you see in a courtroom, so it’s no surprise that Kamala pursued a career as a lawyer. 

On the most Libra thing about her:

“I am passionate, and really to the point of that it will bring me to a fight for fairness. It is one of the things that moves me the most, when things are unfair,” Harris said. 

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Kamala was born on the exact day of the Full Moon in Aries. Likewise, her Libra Sun stands in direct opposition to her fierce Aries Moon, revealing her fiery emotional inner-world. 

On her staying power in the presidential race despite financial obstacles:

“I know what is possible. I know, having been elected the first woman District Attorney of San Francisco and the first woman of color to be District Attorney of any county in a state of 40 million people. I know, having been elected Attorney General of California, running the second largest department of justice as the first woman and the first person of color of any gender. I know, having been elected to the United States Senate as only the second black woman in the history of the United States Senate, to be elected to that body, considered the most deliberative body in the world. I know that there will always be odds against it, but I never give up.

At Kamala’s exact moment of birth, the sign of Gemini was emerging over the eastern horizon. In astrology, that placement is identified as her Rising sign (or Ascendant), which explains how you perceive the world. Gemini is a curious, quick-witted, and extremely expressive sign, so communication is extremely important to Kamala.

Kamala’s Most Gemini Rising Quote:

“I don’t believe Donald Trump’s kids should get loan forgiveness. I mean, that’s it. In a nutshell, that’s it. And by that, I mean that there should not be loan forgiveness for people who can afford to pay it.”

Here’s Cosmo’s astrological prediction for Kamala:

On February 5, 2020, Jupiter (the planet of expansion), Saturn (the taskmaster), and Pluto (the transformer) will all be occupying her elusive Eighth House—the area of the chart that contains major secrets. During this time, Kamala’s past may come back to haunt her in a major way…and this date just so happens to coincide with the Iowa caucuses.

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